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Recollections of Time Past

These pieces (of which there were seven in the original series) break from my normal practise in many ways.

My father’s family come from Norfolk; and during a family visit I filled time by paying a brief visit to the shingle beach at Cley-next-the-Sea. It was a grim day, and the environment seemed at first to be ultimately unstimulating. Soon, however, I was engaged by the colours and forms of pebbles, and moved from there to other items of beach debris. The idea emerged gradually of using this material to construct collages, but this struck me as weak and unfocussed.

After lunch I visited the parish church, to find an exhibition in preparation of art work which had to do in one way or another with the area. Talking to one of the artists, the possibility took shape in my mind of using old family photographs to provide focal points for each of the collages. This idea developed into a series of boxed constructions using marine found objects.

Subsequently I have found myself returning to the theme of recollections of my childhood and family life, in different moods and with different associations.

These items are all constructed from an assortment of marine found objects and photographs, on driftwood boards. Prices by negotiation.

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http://www.artbyallcock.co.uk/files/gimgs/th-9_Family - Peter
http://www.artbyallcock.co.uk/files/gimgs/th-9_Family - Peter